Road Trips


Road tripping-On a wide scale it has its perks and its drawbacks.

Traveling with my family I’ve run into all sorts of obstacles. I have dealt with becoming beyond lost down the many highways of Oklahoma. Disagreeing over restaurants in the middle of Istanbul Turkey and even cranky children on a nine hour adventure toward New Jersey. I was left feeling anxious and uninterested in future endeavors. From these varied experiences I have found myself searching for ways to ease the grievances that road trips tack on so easily.

Every day, people of all sorts venture out to a new destination with their significant others or families in attempt to gain experience through culture. It’s what people do! People go on adventures, they are naturally spontaneous, all the while making new and long-lasting memories. 
Being the person that has once dreaded family road trips- I’d like to share with you some ways to construct the best environment to ease yourself onto your new adventure.

When planning your trip, safety comes first! – now before driving away it’s always a great idea to do a full systems check; tire pressure, oil, windshield wipers, antifreeze, and transmission fluid. the works. Go all out! Nothing ruins a trip more than never getting there!

Remember to keep a planned route but avoid from over planning a rigid one. Plan to drive at most eight to nine hours. This will allow for spontaneity and adventure for all the wandering your heart desires. Keep in mind, no one likes a “Negative Nancy!”


Packing! Whether you know your end destination or not pack for multiple weathers and occasions. You never know what awaits you on your trip- be prepared and grounded but realistic. If you know there’s no way it’ll snow there ‘s no need for that coat!

Wardrobe- wise, being comfortable on the drive is your best bet. Sitting for long periods of time is almost begging for comfort! Cotton and jersey blends are great options. It makes it much easier to create “no fuss” outfits when you’re prepared.

To maximize your trunk and feet space use dufflebags that can mold and wedge around your other belongings. If traveling with kids- try consolidating all the clothes into one bag so that the load is lighter. A lighter load means a lighter car means a smoother ride with less stops by the gas station!

Snacks, snacks, & more snacks- Here’s a warning sign! You will get HUNGRY! Think about what snacks you like. Sweet, salty, savory- a variety if the trip is lengthy. When it’s time to stop and finally have a real meal don’t rely on the internet. Stop and ask some locals- they always know best! And when it comes to food, I’ve certainly found it is a “variety” that makes the heart grow fonder.

Road trips are what you make of them. I’ve learned how to make the best of them by personalizing each aspect of my trip most times depending on the destination- this time the Grand Canyon awaits me! Where will your next adventure take you?
Good luck on all your future travels!