Ready, Set, Go!

Day One: As preparations went on for the trip to the Grand Canyon, I readied my bags and equipped myself with all the essentials for the long haul ahead. The rest of the group did the same- Have I mentioned there were almost thirty of us? [Have you ever attempted to stick to a schedule with eighteen adults,  five adolescents, and three children?

Let me tell you it was incredibly difficult, almost impossible. What you haven’t learned about me is that I love the impossible. It’s okay, I forgive you

I felt surprisingly prepared for the drive, stocked the car with our bags along with the filled coolers of prepared food for the few days away. [Then came the snacks. Anything you could think of really; Chips, sandwiches, cookies, muffins, juice, peanuts, soda, and plenty of water.]

Managing to close the trunks was another story entirely!

Four cars at the ready, four hours to go on the road ahead – piled high with belongings, bodies filled in each available gap and we were on our way! With so many people joining in the stops were also planned- we were to stop off in Vegas for the night.

Stumbling into our hotel rooms past midnight a handful of us decided to walk the strip and see the sights- being as exhausted as we were it didn’t turn out to be the best idea. Twelve cranky an irritated individuals walked as long as we could. Stumbled back near three in the morning and I’m sure we all crashed.

Have you been to The Paris Hotel? Pretty unique hotel with beautiful chandeliers, a sky painted ceiling and incredibly comfy beds where I spent all of five hours sleeping to rest up for the next day of traveling!

What are some of your favorite places in Vegas?



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