The Longest Haul.

Day Two: Have you ever been more tired when you woke than when you slept? This is how I felt waking up in our hotel room at seven-thirty in the morning. My parents already fiddling around in their bags to get their day started. When you have four people that are used to having their own space and put them into one room, it gets quite interesting! Go give it a try, I dare ya! Then tell me all about it 🙂

Our Vegas stop was specifically to pick up a friend of ours and his in-laws from the airport. As I was finishing up my morning routine, last to finish I might add. We heard a familiar knock, and who was it? Our friend of course! Surprising us bright and early. Landing early he decided to take a cab and meet us at the hotel himself. I have never been in such a rush to get ready as I burst through the door to engage in the group hugs and giggles that awaited.

Finally having everyone together we piled the cars even higher with luggage, rearranged our passengers and were on our way! It being Friday, we wanted to pray Jummah prayers together. If we were to make it to the Mosque we needed to bolt there, and that we did! Did I mention it was in Arizona, with a time change and two hours away? This part of our day was incredibly important to us- we didn’t want our travel plans to interfere with our schedule of prayers. I consider myself to be religious. I am in no way perfect, but I think as long as I do my best that is what matters most 🙂

Prayers finished and stomachs were -a- rumbling. Unpacking half of two cars to reach the food beneath we stuffed our bellies until we were content. With less than four hours till our final destination everyone was anxious to catch even a glimpse of the vastness that awaited us at the Grand Canyon.


The next four hours were filled with snores and lulled music as we slept off our full bellies. I woke to my fathers voice. We were almost there. Finally in view of road signs that directed our paths. Waking up my family around me as we parked and held in the urge to jump from the moving car. Stretching our legs and taking in the views even from the parking lot were breathtaking. It was finally time for real adventure.


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