The View From Up Top

Day Four: Seven individuals in one frozen cabin room wasn’t exactly what I was expecting when I pictured the “cabin life”. It turns out the heater was placed behind our luggage that we piled up and until we woke the next morning we had no idea it existed. I have never felt so cold- cuddled up under a hoodie and two blankets I still could not feel my face. But it was definitely something I’ll never forget.

Pushing past the frozen tundra that was our cabin, us girls readied for our long day ahead. The morning light was unlike something I had ever seen – I found myself basking in the view that was just beyond our cabins four walls. Pictures will never capture what I truly saw that morning.


The world had become brighter. Walking through the Bright Angel trail was awe inspiring. I was lost in the new world that I had found. Have you ever seen something so spectacular that you could never imagine something more beautiful?


After our hike, the day was eventually filled with another extensive car ride to the other rim of the Grand Canyon, with a map and fifteen ladies that could not read it. We were headed there to meet and pick up the men of our group that ventured out before dawn to hike Rim to Rim.

This trip was filled with moments that I know will last a lifetime. I bonded with some of my family members in ways that I did not know was possible. I laughed uncontrollably. I too in beautiful absolutely breathtaking landscapes. I feel blessed to have been able to experience something so incredible.

The best part was that it wasn’t over. There was a whole evening to attend to, a whole other day to experience.

All I have to say is, travel. Go far. However you have to get there, do it. It will change you, it will humble you.
Where in the world would you venture towards? Who are the individuals you’d want with you most?


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